Deputy foreign Minister: Russia confirms Moscow contacts with the “Syrian free army”

MOSCOW, October 26. Moscow confirms contacts in the Russian Federation with representatives of the “Syrian free army”. This was stated on October 26, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, answering the question, when can we expect in the Russian capital, representatives of this group.

“They’re here all the time, with different people, someone comes, someone leaves, but all say they are representatives of the “Syrian free army,” he said.

Last week, during a meeting with representatives of a number of Syrian parties, Bogdanov drew attention to the need “to mobilize and to consolidate opportunities for a more effective fight against ISIS (terrorist group “Islamic state” – approx.)”. “We have always said that in a broad anti-terrorist front has to involve all those who are on earth fighting against terrorists. This and the Syrian army, and Kurdish self-defense units and the free Syrian army and other armed groups of Patriotic opposition”, – said the Deputy Minister.