Kobyakov: carrying out in Petersburg of the UN conference on the fight against corruption is the credibility of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, October 23. Russia as the organizer of the Sixth conference of States parties to the UN Convention against corruption has not faced yet any refusal to participate in the conference, despite the cooling of relations of Russia with the Western world due to the geopolitical conflict. And this suggests that attempts to isolate Russia from key international processes have not reached the goal, said in an interview with the Deputy head of the organizing Committee of the conference, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov.

According to him, the conference which will be held from 2 to 6 November in St. Petersburg, it is expected the participation of representatives of all 172 countries that have acceded to the UN Convention against corruption.

“The level of involvement is very high. As a rule, these are heads of the authorities responsible for combating corruption. In some cases, that Deputy Prime Ministers, other Ministers or heads of relevant departments,” said Kobyakov.

Russia will be represented by the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, who heads the Presidium of the presidential Council on combating corruption, Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov, who is the head

The organizing Committee of the conference in St. Petersburg, as well as representatives of relevant agencies responsible for combating corruption.

The credibility of Russia

According to Kobyakov, Russia’s choice to hold anti-corruption conference the UN speaks about the credibility of the country and the recognition of Russia’s achievements in the fight against corruption.

“This is a unique opportunity for Russia to acquaint the whole world with the results of this work, legislative initiatives that we have proposed. In addition, Russia as host of the conference will be to promote as one of their major subject on the agenda is a partnership of government and business in combating corruption,” said Kobyakov.

International experts believe that Russia is a country with serious corruption. Thus, according to the global ranking of corruption Russia is on the 136th place in one row with such countries as Iran, Nicaragua, and Madagascar. However, Kobyakov considers these ratings adequate assessment of the situation with corruption in the country.

“The political situation puts any country at any image. As in this case, nothing but a political conjuncture, these low I can not explain”, – said presidential adviser.

What will be discussed in St. Petersburg

According to Kobyakov, in addition to plenary events is expected to hold several meetings on the sidelines of the conference, including seminars, round tables and meetings of bodies responsible for fighting corruption in their countries. In particular, Russian business Ombudsman Boris Titov will hold a special round table, devoted to the protection of entrepreneurs from corrupt practices.

Shortly before the conference, October 31 – November 1, in St. Petersburg will host the Eighth annual conference and General meeting of international Association of anti-corruption authorities, and on November 1 held a meeting of senior officials of anti-corruption authorities of the BRICS countries.

“Just crop expected to be about 35 events on anti-corruption theme,” said Kobyakov.

Following the conference it is planned to adopt the St. Petersburg Declaration, and also about 10 resolutions.

The Convention against corruption

The Convention against corruption was approved by the General Assembly on 31 October 2003 and entered into force on 14 December 2005, ratified by 172 States. This international Treaty provides for measures to prevent corruption, punish the guilty, but also mechanisms of international cooperation in combating it. The Convention obliges member States to carry out anti-corruption policies, to endorse the relevant laws and set up special bodies to combat this phenomenon. In accordance with the Convention, States must ensure that their officials showed integrity, honesty and responsibility, the Convention requires countries to prevent and suppress the export of illicit proceeds abroad and to strengthen international cooperation to their return.

The organization of the conference

As reported by Kobyakov, the total cost of the conference of parties to the UN Convention against corruption amounted to approximately 457 million rubles were allocated from the Federal budget to the Ministry of justice as the Agency responsible for the organization. The conference venue was chosen “Lenexpo” complex on the Vasilievsky island, known for her many years took place St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF). The operator of the conference was the SPIEF Foundation.

“From an organizational point of view, almost any problems we had. I am sure that the conference will be held at a very high level,” says Kobyakov.