Mironov has called local elections in Ukraine a “political circus”

MOSCOW, October 26. The leader “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov believes that last 25 October in Ukraine local elections are a “political circus” of the favorites.

“Who would doubt that another political circus to be exactly those, that is. I am absolutely convinced that today in Ukraine there is no legitimate government, power is seized through unconstitutional means,” said Mironov reporters.

According to the politician, “those who today call themselves rulers of Ukraine, is a temporary worker”. “When favorites play this game called “elections”, they get exactly the result”, – said the leader of “Fair Russia”.

Elections in Ukraine

October 25, Ukraine held elections to local government bodies. However, in Mariupol and Krasnoarmeysk because of problems with ballot papers polling stations never opened. Later, the election Commission declared invalid the elections in Svatovo and Lysychansk, Luhansk region. Now the Parliament will have to legislate the possibility of holding elections in these settlements on the day of the second round of voting.