Russian Ambassador to the UK: London froze almost all political contacts with Moscow

LONDON, October 26. /Corr. Maxim Ryzhkov/. Political relations between London and Moscow unravelled on the initiative of the British side in the events in Syria and Ukraine. This was stated in an interview with the Times newspaper, Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko.

“Almost all political contacts were suddenly interrupted by the British initiative, the political dialogue at the highest level, between the leaders has ceased. At the Ministerial level has become one of stagnation”, – he noted. “Discussions in the areas of trade and economic cooperation, which we discussed topics of mutual interest, frozen, scientific communication is actually interrupted and only the remaining area (contacts) is culture”, – continued the head of the Russian diplomatic mission.

As reported by Yakovenko, the number of employees of the Russian Embassy in London has decreased due to the fact that the British authorities refuse to grant visas to Russian diplomats.

A new twist towards the worsening of bilateral relations, according to Yakovenko, occurred during his recent meeting with political Director of British foreign office Simon Gass. Then the Ambassador of the Russian Federation appealed to the leadership of the foreign office with two requests. One of them dealt with the cooperation between Moscow and London in establishing the goals of attacks on the positions of the international terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), and the second to establish contact with the “Free Syrian army” for a more effective fight against ISIS. In the end to both of these requests the British side refused.

The only positive point was the preservation of cultural ties. So last year the British Museum loaned to the Hermitage Museum one of the “Elgin marbles” – part of the famous collection of ancient Greek sculptures, and in the London science Museum currently presents a unique exhibition of aircraft of Soviet cosmonauts, and many other artifacts of the period of space exploration.

Alexander Yakovenko also said that regular contact with the British parliamentarians and called the appearance on the political scene of the United Kingdom the new leader of labour’s Jeremy Corbyn “radical breakthrough”.