The Communist party in the Duma introduced a bill on Federal social surcharge to pension

MOSCOW, October 26. A group of deputies from the Communist party headed by the head of the Moscow branch of the party Valery Raskina introduced the state Duma a draft law proposing to install additional Federal social surcharge to pensions. In the case of adoption, this measure will allow to raise the average pension in the country at 33%, it will cost the budget approximately 1.2 trillion roubles in the year.

The Federal charge is scheduled to be introduced on 1 January 2016 and “count on the basis of average monthly nominal accrued wages of employees in the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation,” reads the explanatory note, a copy of which has. This benchmark calculation is presented to the authors of “more effective and fair than artificially established “subsistence level”, which in reality is almost impossible to live”.

Under the bill, additional Federal social surcharge to pension in 2016 is established to the pensioner in the case that the total amount of his financial support per month (including pension and other payments) account for 50% of the average gross monthly wage in the region. The amount of the Supplement must be such as to result in the income of the pensioner has reached 50% of the average monthly salary in the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation.

“If the bill is passed, from 1 January 2016, the size of the average pension in Russia will reach 16 088 rubles a month, i.e., will grow on 33%,” say the Communists. By region it will vary depending on fixed monthly salary. For example, in Moscow the average pension could reach 29 956 rubles, in Saint Petersburg, 260 20, in Krasnodar territory – 13 298 rubles, indicate the developers, specifying that the calculation is performed on the basis of Rosstat data on the average salary in August 2015.

According to Raskin and his colleagues, in the future it will be necessary to increase the amount of Supplement in order to bring material security to the pensioner up to 60-70% of your average monthly earnings on the subject of the Russian Federation, which would correspond to world practice.

Financial provision of expenses on payment of additional Federal social surcharge to pension is proposed to implement “at the expense of interbudgetary transfers from the Federal budget, provided to the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in accordance with the budget legislation”. According to the feasibility study, a copy of which is also available in, “if the additional payment was made in August 2015, for implementation in General would 165,8 billion rubles”. When multiplied by 12 months it turns out the total cost, is $ 1.99 trillion.

Meanwhile, say the authors, “the proposed measure may result in a significant economic effect, as it will allow to increase consumption in the social group, constituting about 30% of the population”.