The Russian stock market and rouble in the beginning of the day will remain resilient

The Russian stock market and rouble in the beginning of the day will remain resilient

Favorable background will be positive on Friday closing of the market share in the U.S. and increased demand for rubles in the framework of the tax period, experts say.

MOSCOW, 26 Jan. Dmitry Mayorov. The share market of the Russian Federation and the ruble in the beginning of the day to have stabilized around levels of closing of last week.

Uncertain dynamics of oil market will be compensated for by growing demand in the framework of the tax period, experts say.


It is expected to open market to increase about 0.3% on the MICEX index, around 1730, the nearest significant time to 1700 and 1710, and as the resistance will make a mark 1735, 1750, praised Vitaly Manzhos from the Bank “Education”.

“In the first minutes of trading, the MICEX index will play a morning improving the external background and positive Friday’s closing stock market in the United States. However, objective incentives for more large-scale improvement is lacking. Later than the probable transition of the MICEX index in the state of sideways movement in the range 1720 — 1735”, he added.

Judging by dynamics of the oil market, the ruble may start bidding near the Friday’s close levels or slightly higher, said Vadzim Iasub from the company “Alpari”.

The dollar spent the day in the range of 61.8 — 63.0 per ruble, the European currency — 68,0 — 69,4 rubles, expects it.

External factors

The US stock indices gained 0.9-2.3 per cent on the back of strong financial reports of Internet companies that led to the jump of the index high-tech companies by 2.3%.

Net profit Microsoft Corp. according to US GAAP in the first quarter of 2015/2016 financial year ended 30 September amounted to $ 4,62 billion, an increase of 2% in annual terms. Earnings per share amounted to $ 0.57 USD was 0.54 against the dollar over the same period of the previous Vigoda.

Online retailer Amazon reported in the third quarter profit of 79 million dollars against a loss of 437 million a year earlier, sales rose by 23.2% to 25,358 billion.

Stock futures USA with the morning increased by 0.2-0.5%. Asian exchanges have grown on 0,3-0,7% for most indices, the Shanghai — 0.3% Japan — 0.7%.

The price of oil hovers around $ 48 a barrel mark Brent. The Euro is 1,1032 1,1015 of the dollar against the dollar at the previous auction.

The results of the previous auctions on the Russian market

The Russian stock market rose on Friday following ordinary shares of Sberbank, which updated the maximum value for more than a year and a half.

The MICEX index closed on Friday has grown on 0,78% — to 1725,45 points, RTS index — on 1,41%, to 872,86 item.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” at the end of currency trading Friday slipped 20 cents to 62,40 ruble, the Euro fell by 86 cents to 68,70 of the ruble.