“Yandex” in November will open for media news feed generated by the robot

MOSCOW, October 26. “Yandex” plans to cooperate with editorial offices in 24 Russian cities in the implementation of the prototype news Agency, news of which will be to create a robot. This was announced Monday in a press-service of the company.

“In mid-November, “Yandex” will launch a prototype of the information Agency of the future – a special tape for media and media with a regular supply of data. The message on the tape for external editors will be trained journalists, and automatic algorithms “Yandex” on the basis of monitoring and analysis of data,” the company said.

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The press service noted that at the first stage the project partners can be several hundred editions of the 24 cities of Russia. “Over time we will expand the export data with a larger number of cities in Russia, as well as we think about expanding the subject of the message. The most interesting – what distinguishes the project “Yandex” from other news agencies – we learned how to prepare news using technology, without human intervention. We have no edition, only managers that connect partners to the program, and the developers that monitor the accuracy of uploading data”, – said the press service of the company.

According to “Yandex”, the summary will be broadcast in real time and in different formats: TV schedule, radio stations – dedicated interface with text data, for news agencies, Newspapers, magazines and websites – ribbon notifications. “At the first stage the Agency will provide information about traffic conditions, weather, and search interests in queries of Internet users. The information comes in the form of messages, similar to the news of press agencies – the title and the news text. The texts are generated and published automatically, and not by the hands of the publisher. The sequence of messages on the tape in chronological order,” the company said.

The press service explained that “Yandex” is an analytic technology that automatically summarize the unique ranking algorithms, as well as linguistic technology that instantly present the results in the form of coherent text.