Aksenov wants to freeze the recovery from the Crimeans on the claims of Ukrainian banks

Aksenov wants to freeze the recovery from the Crimeans on the claims of Ukrainian banks

Interest on non-payment of loans to Ukrainian banks which have been accumulated after the referendum on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia should be cancelled, said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

SIMFEROPOL, 27 Oct. The moratorium on arrest of property of the Crimeans who have taken loans from Ukrainian banks until 16 March 2014, should be implemented before the end of the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine on the issue, said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

“The citizens having debts in Ukrainian banks. Us tomorrow a proposal will be made to the government of the Russian Federation and the state Duma on moratorium of collection of debt from the Crimean people on claims of Ukrainian banks”, — said Aksenov Tuesday at a government meeting.

The head of Crimea believes that the penalty and interest on unpaid loans Ukrainian credit institutions which have been collected after 16 March 2014, when a referendum was held which determined the entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation should be withdrawn.

The decision on payment can only be made through the negotiating process or special interstate agreements between Russia and Ukraine, said the head of the Republic. Such negotiations are possible only after collecting all the data about the citizens of Crimea, which had debt, and the cost of the Deposit insurance Fund, which paid compensation to the Crimean people, who had deposits in Ukrainian banks.

“I propose to make conclusions after all the information will be collected in a single authorized body, for example, the Deposit insurance Fund. Until all frosting, no interest is to accrue, arrests not apply”, — said Aksenov.

He said that in Crimea has already appeared law firms that are “large discount” buy the right to claim debts and try to physical or legal entities in the Crimea to get 100% of the funds debt. Facts of seizure of property by such facts Aksenov unknown, but the requirements on the payments from the collectors go to the Crimea on a large scale, he said.

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