CB: owner of the payment cards in Russia in 2014, on average, spent 53 thousand rubles

MOSCOW, October 26. The owner of the payment cards in Russia in 2014, on average, spent 53 thousand. This is stated in the message of Bank of Russia.

The indicator was calculated based on the total amount of payments and per capita, with map. The total amount of payments with use of plastic cards in Russia exceeded $ 6.3 trillion rubles.

The Bank of Russia in August 2015 carried out a pilot calculation of indicators of financial inclusion on the supply side of financial services last year, according to reporting financial institutions.

According to CB’s calculations, the total number of payments made using cards, both debit and credit, on the territory of Russia reached 6 billion, the number of payments per citizen amounted to 51.

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The share of payments for goods, works and services using the plastic cards amounted to 18%.

The number of plastic cards, both debit and credit issued by Russian banks for the year 2014 amounted to $ 227,6 million.

Citizens in the past year, has committed 10.4 billion payments per person, the number was 88. For 2014 the volume of cashless payments the Russians reached 29 trillion rubles, and for one person this amounted to 247 thousand rubles.