Deputy Degtyarev proposes to impose a new “rubbish tax collection” the scope of fast food

MOSCOW, October 27. State Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Mikhail Degtyarev proposed to impose the organization of the new fast food tax funds, the proceeds of which, in his conception, should go to Fund garbage collection. A bill to he introduced to the state Duma, reported in the electronic database of the lower house.

As stated in the explanatory Memorandum, the draft law proposes the introduction of local collecting from singers in the provision of catering services, list of which at least half of the positions – fast food, “always or in some cases placed in the container or the utensils are disposable”.

Maximum bid such collection MP proposes to define “taking into account the size of the sales tax rates set by the organization of retail markets (not to exceed 550 rubles per 1 square meter of the retail market)”.

No room is more expensive

Most tax Degtyarev wants to impose the organization of fast food, not having halls of service of visitors, “because all through the food they consumed, and the garbage is left outside the institution.” Rate fee for food service establishments with facilities for visitors provided by the bill in the amount of three times less – 183 rubles per 1 square meter of the object.

“The amendments will increase the revenues of local budgets and therefore funding of works on cleaning the area from garbage resulting from daily activities of organization of public catering”, – stated in the accompanying documents.

Degtyarev indicates that currently in Russia there are more than 2 thousands of food service establishments under foreign, mainly American trademarks, of which 397 eateries in the network of Burger King, 420 – at KFC, nearly 500 in McDonald’s and 661 – the Subway system.

“Every year on average 500 new institutions of this type… Daily operation of food service establishments and has obvious negative consequence: the territory near them actively samosogrevaetsya. The basis of garbage does not account for food waste and packaging and utensils are disposable, which is placed in the food of fast preparation”, – is the explanatory Memorandum.