Deputy Gudkov filed a request to the Cabinet of Ministers restricting the rights of NGOs-“foreign agents”

MOSCOW, October 27. State Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov (fraction “Fair Russia”) was sent to the government of the Russian Federation a request in connection with the alleged restriction of the rights of NGOs entered in the register of “foreign agents”.

In the Deputy request, a copy of which is available, Gudkov refers to media reports that the government Commission on legislative activities approved a draft law that prohibits NGOs-“foreign agents” to nominate candidates in members of public monitoring commissions (PMCS) to carry out public control over observance of human rights in places of detention. At the same time, the MP recalls the decision of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation from April, 2014, which States that the provisions of the act (on NGOs-“infoagent”) “does not imply state interference in the determination of the preferred content and priorities of such activities”.

“Thus, the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation confirmed that the current legislation does not infringe the rights of such nonprofit organizations for the very reason that sets no limits in prioritizing their activities,” – said Gudkov in the query. However, he says that “the ban for these organizations to nominate candidates to the PMC members, no doubt, may be a direct state intervention in the sphere of activity of NGOs, in particular, for organizations specializing in human rights activities”.

In this regard, the MP asks the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to instruct the Commission on legislative activities “to clarify the official position regarding the treatment of the relevant resolution of the constitutional Court when deciding about the approval by the Commission of the draft law on regulation of activities of the PMCS during its meeting on 19 October 2015.”

“The question arises, what should believe – previously received clarification that NGOs deemed “foreign agents”, are not prejudiced in their rights, or the current bill, and even more, earlier this NCO has banned to observe the elections, but now want to deny to nominate candidates to the UPC,” said Gudkov.