Ex-owners Transaero hope that the company will be restored

MOSCOW, October 26. Ex-owners of “Transaero” we hope that the new shareholders and creditors will be able to restore the operations of the company. About this in his Twitter wrote the former owner of actions “Transaero” Olga Pleshakova.

“I still hold out hope that the new very professional and experienced owner of a controlling stake in Transaero airlines (S7 co-owner Vladislav Fileva – approx. amended) and the banking club will be able to find a way to restore the operating activities of the airline, although those who led the company towards bankruptcy, everything was done to the maximum,” – said Olga Pleshakova.

In his Twitter Pleshakova apologized to the passengers, partners, creditors, and all staff that failed to save operating performance and stable financial position of the company. “In fairness it should be noted that what happened to Transaero, a lot of participants and interested parties”, – she wrote.

“We did everything we could”

Pleshakova summed up the work of the airline, saying that “Transaero” has completed the final 24-year history of the flight the flight.

Transaero airlines has served more than 86 million passengers, mastered 11 different types of aircraft, including three Russian. She managed operation of the largest in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe passenger plane Boeing-747″, – said Pleshakova.

“Changes in 2014 external and internal financial conditions dramatically worsened the situation. In 2015, the entire management of the airline did everything possible to ensure that the company continued to operate. However, in terms of the Bank lock-out miracle to do failed”, – Pleshakova adds.

According to her, September 1, majority shareholders “Transaero” agreed the sale of its shares, “as measured by the exchange of several billion rubles” for 1 ruble within the program soft of business consolidation in the group “Aeroflot”. “We did everything we could so that people didn’t suffer, and put together a package of 72% shares, part of which was pledged within the Bank, and another 3% planned to provide for other transactions the state Bank, as he had voiced at the meeting on 1 September. Both of these state Bank initiated the transaction. In this case the potential buyer has not received permission from the Federal Antimonopoly service,” writes Pleshakov.

As previously reported, co-owner of another air carrier, S7 airlines Vladislav Filev has signed an agreement to acquire Pleskovich controlling stake in Transaero. The FAS reports that a motion for approval of this transaction in the office had not received.

Last week the Federal air transport Agency has annulled the airline operator certificate from October 26. Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said that the certificate is revoked “once and forever”. While the current owners of shares family Filewich expect to negotiate with creditors and restructure their debt, giving private banks-creditors 49% stake in the carrier. The state-owned banks are the main creditors of “Transaero” – in favour of bankruptcy “Transaero”.

Earlier Tuesday, General Director of “Transaero” Dmitry Saprykin assigned to Aeroflot, announced his intention to apply to the arbitration court with the statement for bankruptcy of airline.