FAS for the first time recognized the TV channel violated the law because it exceeded the volume of advertising

MOSCOW, October 27. The Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation recognized the TV channel “TV 3” has violated part 12, article 14 of the Federal law “On advertising”.

This was stated on 27 October, the Deputy head of Department Andrey Kashevarov following the consideration of this case, which concerned the exceeding of the sound level of advertising and announcements of the volume level following fragment shows.

While the FAS was first recorded occasion of such violation.

The channel issued an order to eliminate violations. In addition, “TV 3” faces a fine in the amount from 100 to 500 thousand rubles.

The FAS initiated a case against “TV 3” in August 2015 on results of own monitoring of compliance stating that the difference of sound level between commercials and the main TV content must not exceed 1.5 dB. Violations were found in advertising, broadcast August 4, 2015 during the broadcast of the TV series “the fortune Teller”.

In addition, FAS has discontinued a similar case against TV channel “STS-Ural mountains” which was filed on the complaint of the residents of Yekaterinburg.

As explained by Cook, after checking the Ministry revealed that the drop volume recorded by viewers, were related not to differences in levels of sound advertising and major TV shows.

“On the same channel can broadcast different media, for example, Federal and regional, with different volume level” – he explained. Thus, this issue is beyond the scope of the case about the sound level in advertising. “The Ministry of communications, there is a recommendation that all broadcast channels with the same volume level in dB 23,” said Cooks.

The Russians may 25, 2015 may file a complaint to the FAS on the volume of television advertising. The Agency launched the lab, which verifies the volume in commercials for compliance with the requirements of the amendments to the law “On advertising”.