In Moscow, you may receive the Assembly site of the limousines for the first persons of the state

MOSCOW, October 27. Assembly site of limousines for the first persons of the state in the framework of the project “Cortege” can be placed in Moscow at the facilities of Central scientific research automobile and automotive engines Institute (NAMI). About it writes on Tuesday “Kommersant” newspaper, citing sources familiar with the situation.

In the words of one of them, for this will be organized in US”, a special workshop, for which the equipment is purchased”. “It’s about assembling a limited number of cars virtually hand-as is traditionally done in the world in the execution of special orders,” said he. How much can cost the establishment of production, the newspaper’s source does not know.

Others say that the final decision about the Assembly of limousines on the US site yet, but the production model of the project “Cortege” as predicted, “will produce “Sollers” in UAZ capacity”. Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov in February claimed that at the facilities of “Sollers” will be organised “a full-scale production of all models” “Tuple” – SUV, minibus, sedan and limousine.

In the Ministry of industry and trade newspaper has reported that the project on the development and production of domestic cars on a single modular platform is implemented “in accordance with the schedule”. According to the Ministry, at the end of 2017 will be produced the first experimental batch of cars, a full build will start in the first quarter of 2018. In US and Sollers declined to comment.

“Tuple” launched in 2012, involves the creation of a premium car for top officials and support vehicles – Multivan, sedan and SUV. In 2013, WE became the sole executor of the state order on development of cars of “Cortege”. Build production models for the mass consumer, in the first SUV, planned for Oise. Partner engineering – Porsche Engineering. Total investment in the Cortege was estimated to 22-24 billion rubles, and by 2017 will require 12.4 billion rubles from the budget. In the Ministry of industry stated that funding for the project “is in accordance with the approved Federal budget.”