Lavrov: Russia not informed about the meeting on Syria in Paris, scheduled for October 27

MOSCOW, October 27. Russia had not informed about any meeting on Syria in Paris, scheduled for October 27. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“I mean this meeting is not heard, we were not invited and were not informed that such an event is held”, – said the Minister.

Russia not invited

26 October that France was planning to hold a new international meeting on the situation in Syria with the participation of representatives of various foreign countries, but without the involvement of Russia. About this informed the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs Romain Nadal.

“We are working on organizing a new meeting with the participation of key regional partners on Tuesday in Paris,” said the French diplomat.

According to him, the exact format of the negotiations and the time frame while not completely agreed upon. Not called and a full list of participants, however, representative of the French foreign Ministry made it clear that invited Russia will not be exact.

“Laurent Fabius (French foreign Minister, approx.) working on a political solution to the crisis in Syria, said Nadal. – In recent days he several times spoke with their foreign counterparts, particularly from the US, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as well as with the UN Secretary-General”.