Microsoft ordered to pay the Ural plant of about 1 million rubles for copyright infringement

YEKATERINBURG, October 27. Microsoft and Corel in court charged with the Ural electronic plant (UEZ) compensation in 940 thousand rubles for copyright infringement, have informed in Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk region.

“The claim is satisfied in full. The decision can be appealed in a higher court,” he said in court.

The plaintiffs asked to collect 828 thousand rubles in favor of Microsoft , as well as 115.5 thousand rubles in favor of Corel . According to the materials of the case, UEZ believes that the Corporation did not prove in court that the rights on the software belong to them and violation of their rights.

Microsoft and Corel appealed to the court February 12, 2015, a statement on collecting from the UEZ about 600 thousand rubles, but in the process of consideration of the case filed a petition to increase the amount of the claim up to 940 thousand rubles.

To receive the comment of representatives of factory failed.