The Deputy from the Communist party is preparing a bill banning officials from holding property abroad

MOSCOW, October 27. State Duma Deputy, head of legal services Communist party Vadim Solovyov said that in the near future will introduce to the house a new bill banning civil servants from holding property abroad, as well as to study and be treated abroad.

In may 2013 in Russia came into force a law prohibiting officials, parliamentarians and security forces have deposits, store cash and valuables in banks located outside of territory of the Russian Federation. During discussion of this document has been raised repeatedly about the need to ban and availability of real estate abroad, but this measure never was introduced: have a home abroad is permitted provided that it is declaring, regardless of the cost.

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According to Solovyov, the legislation leaves open the possibility to exert pressure on Russian officials by foreign States. “We need to move forward. The possession of assets abroad, study abroad, treatment abroad, no restrictions have still not been made,” Solovyov said on Tuesday, TASS reported.

“We will prepare the relevant draft law and soon will submit it to the Duma in order to try to withstand (anti-corruption) line to the end,” he promised.

The current situation, the MP called illogical: “Accounts for officials to have abroad, and property”. “It seems to me that the property easier to use than account for the effects on the MP, say, from other States,” – said a Communist.

According to him, “in this bill should reflect the ban on teaching and in treatment of civil servants abroad.” Thus, as pointed out by Soloviev, if required for official treatment is possible in Russia, “then, of course, the civil servant should be treated in the Russian Federation”. “If on the conclusion of Ministry of health in Russia it’s impossible for him to provide the necessary assistance, then, may be treated abroad”, – he explained.

“Civil servants must operate, including being responsible for medical support of the citizens of the Russian Federation. Therefore they should be treated in the same conditions as that of (other) citizens”, – said the head of the legal service of the Communist party. In this case, he hopes, will and personal interest of the officials in improving the quality of domestic medicine. “It will be a fair approach that will increase the trust of citizens to power,” said Soloviev.

On 23 October the state Duma adopted the law on toughening of financial discipline, which extends the requirement to declare conflicts of interest and report its income and expenses, and close accounts abroad for the deputies of all levels and municipal officials. For failure to declare income, the elected officials will be deprived of mandates.