The Kremlin has urged not to draw conclusions on the case “of the Krasnogorsk arrow” until the end of the investigation

MOSCOW, October 27. The Kremlin has urged not to draw hasty conclusions on the situation around “Moscow arrow” Amiran Georgadze until the completion of the investigation.

“You’re probably getting a little bit ahead. The murder happened is a tragedy, and it is not yet revealed,” said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering the question of journalists, whether any decisions in relation to the Moscow authorities to the outcome of events in Krasnogorsk and in connection with information about the nature of the relationship Georgadze with officials.

The Kremlin spokesman stressed that the investigation continues. “And to say that something was revealed, before there are results, hardly it is necessary,” concluded Sands.

Earlier, the representative of the Russian Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin said that the consequence intends to establish the motive of the murder committed by Amiran Georgadze.

According to him, now “one of the main directions of the investigation is to establish the motive of the killings, including the nature of the relationship Georgadze with officials of the administration of the Krasnogorsk area, as well as with officials of the law enforcement authorities Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region”.

October 19 Georgadze shot the first Deputy head of the Krasnogorsk area of Yury Karaulova in his office, as well as the head of OJSC “Krasnogorsk enterprise of electric networks” George Kotlyarenko. Hiding from the investigation, the businessman was killed by a random witness. Later in the house of a businessman was found the body of his business partner.

On October 23 at a house in industrial street, Krasnogorsk district was found the body Georgadze with a gunshot wound to the head.

The investigation of the murders in Krasnogorsk. Chronicle

What is known about Georgadze

Amiran Giorgadze was born on 3 December 1959 in the village of Kveda-Sazano the Zestaponi region of Georgian Soviet socialist Republic (now Georgia).

At the end of 1980-h years was engaged in the construction business. From 1999 he was General Director of GC “Myakininskaya riverlands” which in Krasnogorsk in the framework of the Federal target program built housing for the military, high-rise residential building in the district of Opelika, as well as indoor ski resort and other facilities. According to open sources, Georgadze was the head or was the co-owner of over 20 diversified companies.

According to the newspaper “Kommersant” GC “Myakininskaya riverlands” was planned in Krasnogorsk apartment complex on the site of LLC “Farmer-1” (also belongs Georgadze) costing 650 million rubles; two 17-storey home in “Cobblestone village” (cost 1.7 billion rubles and 500 million rubles, respectively), as well as the LCD “New opaliha” (600 million rubles).

But officials refused to connect the already built objects to power grids and communications, as well as filed lawsuits in the arbitration court on collecting from companies Georgadze rent for unexploited plots. During inspections of construction construction watchdog were revealed massive violations, including the non-declared projects. To resolve the problem the developer was trying through the courts, but lost. According to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, previously Georgadze has received state orders for construction, but recently has been deprived of this opportunity.