Bill gates: from “TIC-TAC-toe” to the hi-tech Empire

October 28, 2015 marks the 60 years bill gates, the founder of the computing Corporation Microsoft, the world’s richest man and famous philanthropist.

Bill gates full name William Henry gates the third (William Henry Gates III) was born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington. His father William Henry gates II was a lawyer; his mother was Mary Maxwell gates – a member of the Board of Directors of First Interstate Bank.

He studied at the privileged school of Seattle “lakeside”. At the age of 13 became interested in programming and wrote his first program – a game “noughts and crosses”.

In 1975. together with buddy Paul Allen founded a company to develop software for personal computers, Micro-Soft, which later became known as Microsoft.

In 1981. the company has created world renowned system MS-DOS, two years – Word, in 1985 appeared the user interface for the system is Microsoft Windows. Today Microsoft is one of the largest transnational companies producing software for different kinds of computing – personal computers, game consoles, laptop computers, mobile phones and other things, the developer of the most widespread at the moment in the world of software platform – a family operating systems Windows.

Gates and jobs: rivals and friends

The success of the founder of Corporation Microsoft bill gates is often compared to the achievements of another legendary businessman of our time – the Creator of Apple Steve jobs. Gates and jobs had known each other for about 30 years, during which two men considered each other colleagues, rivals and friends.

According to gates, it was a great honor to know such an outstanding personality as jobs. In a joint interview in may 2007 at the D5 conference, which many consider historical, Steve jobs described his relationship with the Creator of Microsoft : “the Beatles sing: “Our memories longer than the road that lies before us”. And in our case it is”.

What do the creators of two of the largest high-tech empires, like whether the strategies chosen famous entrepreneurs, rising to the business top?

TASS offers to compare towards the success of gates and jobs, as well as the principles that guided them.


Education is not the most important thing to begin with?

Gates entered Harvard in 1973 but was expelled two years later because did not show a substantial study of interest.

Leaving the University, he was completely focused on established along with Paul Allen of Microsoft. However, the businessman managed to obtain a diploma of higher education: in 2007, the administration of Harvard had decided thus to encourage outstanding “student”.

Jobs in 1972 graduated from school and entered reed College (Portland, Oregon), dropped out after the first semester on their own. Then continued to visit some of the College classes, including calligraphy and audit.

From dream to major corporations

“The most important work that I was involved in this personal computer. You know, this is something I was obsessed with when I was a teenager, when I was 20, 30 years, I’m not even married until that age because I wanted to create a personal computer. This is the work of my life”, – said the head of Microsoft in a joint interview with jobs.

“People, in fact, it is not necessary to know how a computer works (….) The computer will enter every house” – from an interview of the Creator of the Apple (January 1985).

Conditions for startups

Microsoft initially had no money for marketing their products. Despite the fact that the first five customers of the company went bankrupt, the future history of the Empire continued.

Apple was created in the garage of jobs ‘ parents, for start-up capital he sold the van, and his partner Steven Wozniak’s Hewlett Packard calculator. They managed to raise $1300.

Breakthrough idea-development

Microsoft has become the largest high-tech Empire with the emergence of the Windows operating system.

Apple early developers introduced in wide use graphical user interface and computer mouse.

Business principles

“Enjoy what you do and you never in your life will not work”.

“You turn back and begin to worry “you’re not supposed to do this or that”, “there was no need to resign”, “if I was there or there” – it’s all useless. It’s better to invent the future, rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.”

The impact of the image

The head of Microsoft prefers modest style of dress and way of life.

Wardrobe maker Apple remember its immutability.

Social activities

Gates is one of the leaders on the amount of funds transferred to charity from 1994 to 2010, he invested in a private charitable Foundation over $28 billion.

Apple has been involved in the campaign to raise funds for the Global Fund to fight AIDS and other diseases, producing red versions of devices, the profit from sales of which went to charity.

Bright quote

“When you came up with a good idea, take action”.

“The name sounded funny, energetic and not afraid. The word “apple” (Apple) could alleviate serious “computer.” Moreover, in the phone book we’d be in front of Atari”.