Deputy Bessonov said the decision about his arrest illegal and inconsiderate

MOSCOW, October 28. State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Vladimir Bessonov, accused of assaulting a police officer, called the decision of the court about his arrest illegal and inconsiderate.

Earlier Wednesday, the Kirov district court of Rostov-on-don was declared wanted Bessonova to take him into custody for consideration of the criminal case about the attack on the police.

“Everything that happens, happens without me, without my participation, without my invitation, and about any decisions I was not informed,” said Bessonov Wednesday by telephone from Ljubljana, where he takes part in the international conference “world anti-Fascist front”.

According to the parliamentarian, the proceedings against him “is purely political in nature, which is confirmed by the documents of the party and representatives of parliaments of a number of States, including France, Germany, UK, USA”.

“It is sad that in relation to the representative of the Supreme body of state power are carried out illegal activities openly rude and inconsiderate,” said the politician.

On the question of whether he planned to cooperate with investigators, Bessonov said in response: “what was the result? What are you talking about? Intimidated by the lawyers, one lawyer refused the status of the lawyer in protest”. “What kind of cooperation you’re talking about when there is a blatant, rude, lawless power?” he added.

As for his further action that the Communist said that he and his colleagues will “upon receipt of the documents to resolve the issue”. “You can arrest me only on the decision of the state Duma”, – he reminded.

Bessonov is accused of committing two crimes under part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code “Use of violence dangerous for life or health, against a representative of authorities in connection with the performance of his duties”. According to the UK, Bessonov inconsistent during the rally in December 2011 at the square in front of the residence of the presidential envoy in the southern Federal district in Rostov-on – don “has caused police injuries and damaged uniforms”. Charges, imputed Bessonova, provides till 10 years of imprisonment. During the preliminary investigation in respect of Bessonova was elected a measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave.