Dvorkovich sees no obstacles to begin negotiations on a free trade zone with Israel

MOSCOW. October 28. Expert work on the preparation for the establishment of a free trade zone between Russia and Israel is completed, you can proceed to the negotiations on this issue. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at a joint Russian-Israeli intergovernmental Commission.

“The working group its activities on preparation of the expert report is completed, the preparatory work carried out, you now need to proceed to the negotiation process”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Dvorkovich, the experts noted that global problems hampering the process, no. “You can spend a few meetings, including this year, and to reach the agreement”, – he added.

The trade turnover between Russia and Israel decreased by 15%

Dvorkovich also said that the trade turnover between Russia and Israel decreased by 15%, which is considerably below the rate of the fall in trade with other trading partners.

“We pretty much go through difficult times associated, including, with the unfavorable situation in Russia itself. The reduction is lower than with most of our partners. We have the most partners, the decrease in turnover at 25-30-35%, here we have still 15%, but it’s not scary,” – said Dvorkovich.

According to Vice-Premier, the volume of mutual trade with Israel can quickly recover to pre-crisis levels.

Dvorkovich noted that, in particular, there is great potential for the development of bilateral projects with a number of Russian regions in areas such as agriculture, health care and medical technology.

The agreement on pensions for former Russian citizens who have moved to Israel

Russia and Israel can before the end of the year to sign an agreement on the pensions of former Russian citizens who have moved to Israel, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

“We are now within the budgetary process in Russia, hope that the Parliament and the President will support our arrangement. And with this support, we will be able this year to sign. Political support in General for this. Political obstacles there,” – said Dvorkovich.