In Russia will start selling Chinese Lifan cars via the Internet

Moscow. October 28. Chinese automaker Lifan has signed an agreement with international e-Commerce platform AliExpress and courier service SPSR Express about selling and shipping cars in Russia, reports the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to unnamed source in the car business.

“Lifan will sell cars in Russia, including via the Internet, that’s all we know at the moment. As partners of the selected company AliExpress and SPSR Express,” – said the source.

According to him, without the involvement of cabin in the transaction the car will be cheaper by exactly how much – is still unknown. It is known that on average the share of the dealership in the retail price of the machine is usually from 5 to 10%.

Currently Lifan cars are already being sold over the Internet in China. However, in the Chinese market Lifan cooperates with a direct competitor AliExpress – Alibaba. It is expected that this year, Alibaba sells about 1 million cars in China that in eight times exceeds indicators of last year.

Online trade vehicles appeared in 2010. In 2014 through a global network, you could buy 300 models of 30 top automakers. In developed countries, the purchase of a vehicle through the Internet is developed enough: a man meets a car on the manufacturer’s website in the virtual showroom, places an order and pays for the purchase with shipping from your Bank account.

At the moment in Russia there is no car company has offered a similar service.

The press service of Lifan declined to comment.

Community dealers warn that dumping the Internet can corrupt non-virtual sales. The President of the Russian Association of automobile dealers (ROAD) Mr Mozenkov called a service perspective, but expressed doubts that it will be in high demand: “still, people love to come to the showroom to see, touch, ride – personally verify the correctness of the choice of the car”.

In his opinion, from the chain online sales, dealers still will not be able to be deleted. According to Marenkov, the manufacturer will not be able to implement cars. “This requires an impressive storage space and a work resource, which are at dealers. And obviously, to sell on the website below prices in the dealers showrooms, they too will not be able, otherwise the dealers will refuse to take these cars for service,” said Merenkov.