Italy became the world leader in wine production, ahead of France

PARIS, October 28. Italy this year surpassed France as the world’s largest wine producer, announced the international organization for viticulture and winemaking. She has published preliminary results for the current season.

According to estimates by experts, the production of wine in Italy by the end of 2015 will increase by 10 percent to 48.9 million hectoliters. At the same time in France will be bottled 47.4 million hectolitres of wine of the current harvest, while growth was only 1%. In third place is Spain with 36.6 million hectoliters, the wine production in the country fell by 4%.

Everything in the world, according to preliminary estimates, in 2015 will be made 270,7-280,7 million hectoliters of wine. Global growth for the year will amount to about 2%. Some countries have not yet submitted their statistics, including China and Russia, occupying, respectively, the 8th and 12th place in the world wine ranking.

In fourth place in the world – USA (22.1 million hectoliters, a decline of less than 2%). Next come Argentina (13.3 million hectoliters, falling to 12%), followed by Chile (12.8 million hectolitres, the production jumped during the year by 23%).

France and Italy traditionally compete for a place in the world’s largest wine producer. Last year this place of honor went to the homeland of Bordeaux and bulunskogo, and in 2013 – the land of Chianti and Barolo.