Luzhkov told about the meeting with Putin after his resignation from the post of mayor

Luzhkov told about the meeting with Putin after his resignation from the post of mayor

The Russian President asked about the progress in the development of the agricultural complex of the former capital town Governor in the Kaliningrad region and promised to come.

MOSCOW, 28 Oct. The ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov said that in a few years after his retirement met with President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, but he didn’t ask.

In 2010, President Dmitry Medvedev in connection with loss of trust was deprive from the post of Moscow mayor Luzhkov, who served as Moscow mayor for over 18 years. The resignation became known the next day after returning from vacation, Luzhkov and two hours prior to the meeting of the city government. Immediately after the resignation of Luzhkov left the party “United Russia”, the co-Chairman of the Supreme Council of which he was for nine years (since 2001).

Very satisfied with the meeting

“Met. And very happy with this meeting. I told him what you do. He asked me: “Yuri Mikhailovich, what’s your problem?”. I speak: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, no. And no request I have to you no, besides the invitation to be a guest in Kaliningrad, at my farm,” said Luzhkov in interview “to Komsomol truth” and added that since the meetings were held for 2.5 years.

According to the former mayor, Putin was asked about his successes in the economy and promised to come. “Come, we will all be happy to see you.” He promised. While he is probably not, in connection with such major events in the country, in the world. But we are ready to accept always,” — said Luzhkov.

The ex-mayor said that the meeting was held in the presidential building of the Kremlin and was quite long.

“The conversation lasted probably an hour and a half. He was interested in, and I gladly told him all,” — concluded Luzhkov, noting that there was nothing secret or deny media reports that the meeting was not — neither on his part nor on the part of Putin, and not he told her, “because you never asked”.

The betrayal of colleagues, the support of Muscovites

Answering the question, did he forgive apostatized from his colleagues, Luzhkov said that the betrayal can’t be forgiven. “Betrayal cannot be forgiven. But this betrayal was pretty big relative to my immediate environment, and no treachery can’t feel,” said the former mayor.

“The rest — the support of Muscovites, my contacts with many-many former leaders in the government of Moscow, in Moscow’s structures, departments, my contacts and social sphere, health care, public education, and high school — they are very, very comfortable and imbued with optimism”, — said Luzhkov.

Commenting on the fact that some Muscovites were ready to leave then on the street in his support, but has not done so, the former capital town Governor has declared. “The first is the betrayal to me in the middle of the circle. And the second factor was about me. If left on the street people, we could be victims. Could be trouble, both physical and moral plan for human beings. For me, it is fundamentally. Those who approached me with the proposal “let’s have a demonstration” and so on, I said no! And this was not done,” he explained.