Medvedev: the business environment in Russia is becoming more predictable

MOSCOW, October 28. The business environment in Russia is becoming more predictable, allowing you to invest financial resources in innovation. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the plenary session of the forum “Open innovations”.

“In Russia, changes happen, and happen as quickly as in other States. I am glad that the business environment in Russia more predictable. We have the opportunity to invest in infrastructure, to create a more comfortable environment for innovation, to implement such projects as SKOLKOVO, to engage in venture capital investing,” said he.

According to Medvedev, despite the difficult economic situation the government will support the focus on innovative support of the Russian economy. Points of innovative growth must be created by the efforts of business with the support of the state, said the Prime Minister.

“I’m not sure that such projects as SKOLKOVO, must be dozens. The state should not invest in all projects. It should just show how to do it, to concentrate some resources. But, on the good, such points of growth should be created primarily through the efforts of business, with state support in the form of infrastructure solutions,” said Medvedev. He added that “in all modern innovative systems, the state is not only obliged not to sit, it is just there is bad, it will constrain development”.

The Prime Minister also indicated that patenting of innovations is the task of not only state but also private business. “In my opinion, patenting is not only a state problem but also the goal of private business,” he said.

Medvedev noted that the development of innovative technologies should be “global sounding, global nature”. He added that “as all of it is, indeed, a challenge for all national governments.”