Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull questioned the NPP construction

SYDNEY, October 28. /Corr.TASS Pavel Vanichkin/. The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has expressed doubts about the feasibility of building nuclear power plants. Replying Wednesday to a question from the radio station 5AA, will there be ever on the continent nuclear power plant, the Prime Minister said: “I treat this with some scepticism, and am not just talking about politics”.

At the same time, Turnbull believes it is possible to establish in country production of Fuel rods (fuel elements) sets of sealed tubes filled with nuclear fuel tablets. “We have the uranium that we produce, so why not do the processing, and then to transfer fuel tube to other countries – continued response Turnbull. – Then we could return them home, we have a very stable geologically, the areas where you can store spent nuclear fuel”.

Tuesday, the Prime Minister appointed the new chief Advisor to the government on science of the engineer and scientist-neurobiologist Alan Finkel, who is a strong supporter of building nuclear power plants in the country. Conversing with reporters immediately after his appointment, Finkel stated that Australia “of course, it is necessary to consider the use of atomic energy”.

Australia ranks first in the world for uranium reserves (31% of all world reserves) and third, after Kazakhstan and Canada, on its production. Uranium mining on the continent began in the mid 50-ies of the last century, but all of this ore exported in Australia is still not built a single nuclear power plant.