Putin will discuss with members of the government raising the salaries of state employees

MOSCOW, October 28. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday will hold a regular meeting with members of the government, its main theme will be the increase of salaries of state employees.

“It is also planned to consider a number of pressing current topics,” reports the press service of the Kremlin.

The situation of workers and their support – these topics are raised at events with the President almost daily. And talking about the situation in certain spheres, as, for example, at the meeting of Putin with teachers on 8 October, and on the situation of working people in General.

So, only yesterday, 27 October, the President discussed with activists of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia support social workers. He noted the need to improve social support and encouraged in the current difficult economic situation of orderly action. “Social support from the state should be improved and should be addressed,” – said the head of state. In addition, Putin pointed out another important task – maintaining employment and creating new jobs based on advanced qualification and retraining.

Speaking about salaries, the President directs officials to “may decrees”, which has not lost its relevance, despite the difficult situation in the economy. On September 7 the forum of the Russian popular front, he stressed that the crisis is not a reason not to strive to raise public sector wages to srednegorodskoy value. “We often return to this theme. (Stands) the question of how to calculate this average salary. Second, keeping in mind the current situation in the overall economy and the real incomes of the population, how to match the growth of wages in various sectors of the economy, including in the medical field with an average salary? – Putin said. – Thirdly, we in no event it is impossible to avoid bias in wages in different sectors”. “But this does not mean that we should not perform “the may decrees” in this part”, – noted the head of state.