Sobyanin proposed to hold the forum “Open innovations” at ENEA constantly

MOSCOW, October 28. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin suggested that the organizers of the forum “Open innovation” to consider on a regular basis to hold this event at the site of ENEA.

“For the first time we are holding this forum at the historic ENEA. This became possible after the government handed it over to the city of Moscow. And we together, together, driven this site into order,” said the mayor, speaking at the opening of the forum.

“Every year, filling ENEA new content, and we provide new features for the forum “Open innovations”, – said Sobyanin. And I would like to offer the organizers of the forum to consider the ENEA as a permanent venue for the forum “Open innovations”.

The forum “Open innovations” opened on Wednesday in Moscow. The forum, which runs until 1 November, 115 scheduled events, which will be attended by 12 thousand people, including 200 experts from around the world. The main theme of the forum is “Man at the crossroads of the trends of technological revolution”.

According to organizers, the forum will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Minister of communications and mass media Nikolai Nikiforov and Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova. It is expected that the forum will also visit the Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vucic during his visit to Moscow.