Syrian children handed over to the parliamentarians from Russia pictures of Russian aircraft

MOSCOW, October 28. Syrian children handed over to the Russian parliamentarians of letters and drawings, which depict the aircraft of the Military space forces of the Russian Federation. This was reported by a member of the Federation Council Dmitry Sablin, who returned from Syria.

At the press conference he showed a stack of letters from children.

“Children are painting Russian flags, write “I love Russia”. It is bad when children draw war. But our planes they paint with such hope,” said Sablin.

He noted that “the figures the hands of children are turning up to the aircraft”.

The delegation of the Russian parliamentarians from 23 to 28 October visited Syria on a humanitarian mission. The delegation included the Federation Council member Dmitry Sablin, state Duma deputies from the Communist party Alexander Yushchenko and Sergei Gavrilov. During the visit the parliamentarians had meetings with colleagues from the Syrian Parliament, head of government of the country by Wael al-Khalq and President Bashar al-Assad. The delegation was taken to ATS about three tons of humanitarian aid for children.

Russian pilots strike at objects is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist organization “Islamic state” from the 30th of September, acting at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The aviation group of the aerospace defence forces of Russia in Syria included more than 50 aircraft and helicopters. In addition, on 7 October at locations on the territory of the country was hit with cruise missiles long range with ships of the Caspian flotilla. To participate in ground operations in Syria Russia has no plans.