The Federation Council will consider amendments to the law in connection with the adoption of the budget-2016

The Federation Council will consider amendments to the law in connection with the adoption of the budget-2016

Changes provide the necessary conditions for the consideration of the draft main financial document of the country. The amendments also opredeljajut features of use in 2016 balances of budget.

MOSCOW, 28 Oct. The Federation Council on Wednesday will consider amendments to legislation in connection with adoption of the budget for 2016. Previously, the budget Committee recommended the chamber to approve the document.

According to first Deputy Chairman of Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Petrov, the document provides the necessary conditions for the consideration of the draft budget for next year, and defines the features of 2016 in Fund balances budget and revenues from management of Reserve Fund and national welfare Fund.

Suspends the norms of the Budget code, under which Federal and regional laws and municipal legal acts providing for the amendment of legislation on taxes and fees and leading to changes in revenues of budgets of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation, should be taken before making the legislative authority of the draft budget. Thus, they can be considered in parallel.

Prolonged norm about using in 2016, revenues from management of Reserve Fund and national welfare Fund for financial support of the Federal spending, the Senator said.

To mobilize sources of financing of expenses in 2016 are directions for the use of balances, which may be formed on January 1, 2016. This budgetary allocation reserved for implementation of additional measures to support sectors of the economy, providing social support to citizens, support of regional budgets and the provision of humanitarian assistance to the population of foreign countries in the amount of up to 150 billion rubles.

In addition, this budget allocation for the implementation of the decisions of the President and the government to ensure that the activities of the power ministries and agencies, in an amount not exceeding the amount of the unassigned balance of budgetary appropriations for these purposes in 2015. Provides an opportunity to guide the budget allocation for subsidies and other interbudgetary transfers to the regions.

Introduced the ability to return to Federal, regional or municipal budgets subsidies balances held in Bank accounts and Autonomous budget institutions, in the amount corresponding to the unreached of their performance of state or municipal job. Petrov said that as of 1 July 2015 balances of the subsidies on the financial performance of the state task are 116 billion rubles, and grants for other purposes — 112 billion.


The senators will also consider a law that establishes mechanisms to improve payment discipline of consumers of energy resources and introduces penalties for late payment of utilities and energy for all categories of payers, including the population.

As reported by a member of the economic Committee of the Federation Council Viktor Rogotsky, statutory measures concern only those individuals from among the “nondisconnectable” consumers, housing organizations and people who do not pay for energy in the long term. In connection with a bona fide payer-the citizen, the law provides exemptions from penalty for them in the first month of delay provides cancellation penalties. In case of delay from 31 to 90 days will be the same size to the current fines — 1/300 of the refinancing rate, and 91 days — 1/130.

The penalty for the population for failure to pay contributions for capital repair has not changed and amounts to 1/300 of the refinancing rate.

For management companies, as well as heat and water undertakers for non-payment of the energy penalty will amount to 1/300 of the refinancing rate from 1 to 60 day delinquency in the amount of 1/170 refinancing rate from 61 to 90 days overdue in the amount of 1/130 refinancing rates with 91 days of delay. For all other consumers the default interest is set at 1/130 refinancing rate from the first day of delay. The law also defines penalties for unauthorized connection to electricity, heat and gas networks.