The Federation Council will consider the law on the postponement of elections to the state Duma in September

MOSCOW, October 28. /Corr. Sergey Izotov/. The Federation Council will consider on Wednesday a law on migration in September the Duma elections, starting in 2016, and will also discuss the schema “slicing” constituencies in the upcoming Federal parliamentary elections.

The agenda of the next plenary session of the upper house of Parliament is just over 20 questions.

After staff issues the senators will discuss international Affairs

At the beginning of the meeting, the senators plan to discuss some personnel issues. In particular, we are talking about early termination of senatorial powers of the first Deputy Chairman of Committee of Federation Council on science, education and culture Victor Kosourova, as well as the appointment of judges of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

The international unit is the agenda to the senators invited to discuss the ratification of several important intergovernmental documents, including the Russian-Belarusian agreement on restrictions on entry and exit from the territory of these countries, and the agreement with Azerbaijan on promotion and reciprocal protection of investments.

On Wednesday, the MPs will consider important legislation regulating the issues of legal protection of a foreign state and its property, in the judicial system of the Russian Federation. As explained in the discussion of this issue at the meeting of the relevant Committee Deputy justice Minister Dmitry Aristov, the document was developed in accordance with modern approaches and judicial practice of foreign countries, and its adoption “will enhance the effectiveness of judicial protection of interests of Russia and its property in disputes”. According to him, the adoption of this law becomes relevant against the background of misconduct, which have recently been taken with regard to the Russian Federation and its property in some foreign countries.

The issues of the upcoming Federal parliamentary elections

A significant portion of the plenary session of the Federation Council will focus on the upcoming 2016 Federal elections.

So, senators will discuss the law on the reconciliation of the single day of voting with the Federal parliamentary elections on the third Sunday of September starting from 2016. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs Dmitry Azarov, “September is the optimum month for election campaigns”. “I see a huge plus is that the combination of elections to the State Duma, regional and municipal elections creates the conditions for a higher turnout,” he said. The Senator also noted that the combination of the voting days will help “to achieve budgetary savings”.

In addition, the meeting is expected to review the schema “slicing” constituencies to the Federal parliamentary elections of 2016. It will be used in the elections to the state Duma in 2016 and in subsequent elections for 10 years.

The budget for the future and financial discipline

In the financial-economic bloc senators will discuss the creation of conditions for the adoption of the budget 2016. The act proposes amendments to certain provisions of the Budget code, the law on independent and budgetary establishments and other normative-legal acts.

Members of the upper house of Parliament also plan to consider the issue of tougher financial discipline for the deputies of all levels and municipal employees. This law allows you to revoke the credentials of the deputies of any level for failure to provide income Declaration. The same rules of the document type for municipal officials.

Under current law, until April 1, Federal and regional officials and legislators are required to file information about their income, expenses, property and obligations of property character, and also similar information in respect of spouses and minor children. Since 2013 for them, a ban on the ownership of Bank accounts, financial instruments abroad.

Livanov will talk about the state policy in the sphere of education

The Federation Council will also discuss the law on increase of four times in terms of responsibility for violation of the order of noncommercial organizations performing the function of a “foreign agent”. In addition, this document changing the jurisdiction of administrative cases of such violations.

During the meeting will also consider amendments to the law on physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation, concerning the training of trainers, supervising the completion of sports training.

In the traditional framework of “government hour”, the parliamentarians will hear the report of Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov. He will tell about implementation of state policy in the field of education and will answer questions from senators.

As part of the “Time expert” will be made by the Director of the Institute of Oceanology named after P. P. Shirshov Robert Nigmatulin.