The Finance Ministry warned about the fall of the ruble to the end of the year

Moscow. October 28. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev expects the traditional weakening of the ruble at the end of the year on the background of the oil dynamics and seasonality.

“There are two factors – oil and seasonality. Seasonality from year to year the same: summer is strengthening, then in the late summer – early autumn weakening, then in the middle of fall, strengthening, at the end of the year is weakening. And so every year, always the same. So I think this year, next and after next will be all the same”, – said journalists the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

The ruble on Tuesday actively take positions under the pressure of developments in commodity markets-crude oil prices yesterday approached $46,5 per barrel, the rouble exchange rate by the end of the day, broke the mark of 65 rubles to the dollar.