Yuri Luzhkov sees in the development of agriculture out of the crisis

MOSCOW, October 27. The former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, took over after his resignation on agriculture, sees the crisis in state support to the countryside. This is stated in an interview published Tuesday on the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“We need to raise a village. Not in words – we do it for many years, but in deeds. Unfortunately, today, due to the fact that the state does not support farmers, the number of farms in our country is not increased; on the contrary, for two years, in my opinion, about 90 thousand has stopped working. That crises are not repeated in future, we must help farmers and, of course, to work with the land,” – said Luzhkov.

According to the ex-mayor of Moscow, the use of agricultural land is one of the biggest problems facing our country. “We have 123 million hectares of agricultural land. This is 9% of capacity all over the world. Of these 123 used today 43 million. 30%, basically the third part. It’s a horrible figure, horrible result,” he said.

In the nearest plans Luzhkov is to establish cheese production in the Kaliningrad region. “I can now focus and I will begin with the study of technology, then the purchase of technology, and then the cheese production, so that in this direction the region was self-sufficient.”

Owned by Yury Luzhkov is now 5.5 thousand hectares of land, who bought his wife Elena Baturina. He also said that he is involved in beekeeping, teaching activities, he lectures in Russia and abroad, wrote numerous articles.

Yury Luzhkov was mayor of Moscow from 1992 to 2010. The situation in the Russian capital’s former mayor has not commented, explaining that ethical considerations. Luzhkov also said that he is not going to return to politics.