Aeroflot filed a lawsuit against Transaero on 3 billion roubles

MOSCOW, October 29. Group of companies “Aeroflot” on Wednesday filed in the Moscow arbitration court the claim to “Transaero” on 3 billion roubles. It follows from the materials published on the court’s website.

The details of the statement of claim were not disclosed.

The situation around “Transaero”

On 26 October it was reported that the Director General of “Transaero” Dmitry Saprykin has declared intention to address in arbitration court with the statement for bankruptcy of airline.

Former majority owners of Transaero family Pleskovich was going to sell his stake primary owners of other carrier – S7 – family Filewich. Thus Fileva noted that the airline has to manage people, able to ensure the safety of flights. However, the transaction for sale of shares was not completed.

In the government October 1, it was decided on bankruptcy of the carrier Transaero. The airline ceased operating on 26 October. Aeroflot, under the operational control of which was “Transaero”, and possibly other airlines will continue to transport passengers until 15 December. Aeroflot will also provide a refund for paid tickets with the departure date after December 15.

The company has stopped sale of tickets. The Federal air transport Agency on the results of the inspection of Transaero airlines, despite the desire of the co-owner Vladislav Fileva, S7 Group to buy a controlling stake in the company, decided to revoke the certificate of the operator “Transaero” since October 26. 56 international routes, the carrier agreed to transmit the group of “Aeroflot”. Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said that the certificate is revoked “once and forever”.

In mid-October, Alfa-Bank and Sberbank filed lawsuits on bankruptcy “Transaero”. October 27 it became known that the Gazprombank also intends to address in court with the statement for bankruptcy of airline.