Lavrov: the promotion of the interests of the country were the core of the work Primakov

MOSCOW, October 29. Yevgeny Primakov perceived by the West as a confirmation of Russia’s status as a great power. This was stated on “Primakov’s readings” the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

“It is considered that the scale of the person becomes apparent only when man leaves this world, – said Lavrov. – Yevgeny Maximovich is not quite applicable, it is still in life deserve recognition. He emitted only positive energy.”

The Minister recalled that Primakov as Prime Minister contributed to the stabilization in the country. “He was thinking globally, openly, boldly, its core has always been the promotion of the interests of the homeland, – continued the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. A significant part of his legacy relates to foreign policy”.

Lavrov drew attention that the academician Primakov has formulated and facilitated the adoption in practice of the concept of a multipolar world that many considered exotic.

“In the obituary in the Economist said that the advent of Yevgeny Primakov at the foreign Ministry was greeted in the West as a confirmation of Russia’s status as a great power, he said. – In January 1996, immediately after the appointment of Primakov, said (former Secretary of state USA) Henry Kissinger. We were with him in new York on the same afternoon, and that he was asked about the appointment of Primakov to the foreign Ministry, he estimates, given that the predecessor Primakov was very convenient for the West, Primakov and very different views. Kissinger replied: “I have always found it easier to deal with people who clearly understand their national interests”.