Neverov: the Minister of agriculture was excluded from the “United Russia”

MOSCOW, October 29. Ex-Minister of agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik has been excluded from the ranks of “United Russia” for the loss with the party. This was stated on Thursday to journalists the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Sergei Neverov, answering journalists ‘ questions about whether Skrynnik member of the “United Russia”.

“It is a long time living abroad”, – he reminded.

According to Neverov, the decision of the local political Council of Ramensky branch of the party “in accordance with the Charter, Skrynnik was expelled from the party”. “The reason for the exception was actions that discredit the party, as well as the loss of connection with a political organization,” said Secretary General Council of United Russia.

He also added that neither in the General nor in the Supreme Council or other governing bodies of the party Skrynnik is not included.

To the question whether the attitude to the exclusion of the Minister of agriculture of United Russia’s claims of a financial nature that apply to it, the Swiss Prosecutor’s office, Neverov said.

The investigation in Switzerland

As previously reported, the Federal Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland confirmed the information on arrest of accounts in connection with a legal investigation concerning the former Minister of agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik.

Thus, the Federal public Prosecutor’s office (PFO) of Switzerland confirmed that in the spring of 2013 was initiated a criminal procedure against the former Minister of agriculture of Russia and other persons on suspicion of money laundering (article 305 bis, paragraph 2 of the Swiss penal code); in this context, the FPE seized assets.

In Russian press it was reported that in Switzerland arrested bills Skrynnik in the amount of 60 million francs (about $61 million).

Elena Skrynnik, in turn, said that appeared in some media about the arrest of her accounts in Switzerland do not correspond to reality. “I refute. It’s just a complete lie – she said on air “Russian news service”. – I even such have no money”. The ex-Minister promised that her lawyers will be to understand why the media have such messages.