Putin will discuss with Sarkozy topical bilateral and international issues, including Syria

MOSCOW, October 29. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will meet on October 29 with former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. About it has informed journalists a press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

According to Peskov, the planned “exchange of views primarily on bilateral relations” and European Affairs, as well as other most urgent problems. “That’d probably be Syria, and all the rest”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Peskov reminded that the President of the Russian Federation long-standing business relationship with the ex-leader of France, “they have a great personal dialogue, Frank”. “Putin always appreciate the opportunity to speak to such prominent European politicians, to which, of course, is true Sarkozy”, – concluded the press-Secretary of the Russian leader.

This is not the first meeting of Putin with Sarkozy after the last presidential term in 2012. So, 2 June 2014 they held a private meeting in Sochi /the day the former France’s first lady, singer Carla Bruni gave a concert in Moscow/. Prior to this, the President of the Russian Federation took the ex-leader of France in Novo-Ogaryovo in November 2012, the meeting was private and took place over a Cup of tea. “I recall with pleasure the days when we worked together on an acute, serious problems associated with the development of relations between our countries, between Russia and Europe in all areas”, – said during the conversation, Putin.

As President of France from 2007 to 2012, Sarkozy visited Russia several times.

Former French leader, currently headed by the party “the Republicans”, has repeatedly stressed that Europe needs strategic partnership with Russia. In an interview with the Paris newspaper Le Monde in July this year, Sarkozy, in particular, expressed confidence that Europe does not need new cold war. “Whatever the disagreement with Putin is necessary and you can negotiate,” says former French President.

In an interview to the same newspaper Parisienne last September, Sarkozy stressed that to resolve the situation in Syria to rely on neighboring States and “to establish a dialogue with Russia and Putin.”

In the same month, in an interview to the newspaper “Figaro” French politician expressed the opinion that “should ensure the return of Russia in “eight” and start a new dialogue between the EU and Russia”. “It is in the interests of both parties”, – said Sarkozy.