RUSAL is investing in the foundry of the Saz to $10 million

The program of modernization of foundry production is designed for 2015-2016 years. Will be installed 20-ton melting furnace. The program will reduce the cost of the metal.

MOSCOW, 29 Oct. RUSAL is investing in the modernization of the foundry of the Sayanogorsk smelter (SAZ) up to $ 10 million, the message of the company.

As noted in the press release, RUSAL undertook the first tests of the new equipment within implementation of the project on the installation of the furnace remelting in the foundry industry of the Saz. “Investments in the project will amount to 10 million dollars”, — stated in the message.

The program is scheduled for 2015-2016 and is aimed at improving efficiency at the expense of return to manufacture recycled products with added value. These will total over 27 thousand tons per year.

Director of aluminium business, RUSAL, Evgeny Nikitin noted that the installation of melting furnace will allow the enterprise to bring efficiency in the production of value-added products to a whole new level.

“As a result of modernization we have already this year will begin to receive additional metal by hot pressing waste. At the final stage, in 2016, we must finish the construction of a new waste processing site and commissioning of a 20-ton furnace. The growth in the volume of aluminum that is returned to production, will allow us to further reduce the cost of metal” — are in release, the words Nikitina.

Modernization of the foundry of the Saz is held in the framework of implementation of long-term investment program to increase production of alloys and value-added products.