Sberbank will submit claims about bankruptcy “Adamas”

Moscow. October 29. The savings Bank has informed on intention to address in arbitration court with statements for a recognition the bankrupt of open company “Adamas-Yuvelirtorg” and LLC “Adamas-YUVELIR”, included in holding company “Adamas” – the largest Russian manufacturer of jewelry.

The Bank also intends to seek the bankruptcy of LLC “Golden chain” previously owned “Adamas Jeweler”.

Notification of Sberbank posted in the Unified Federal register of information on facts of activity of legal entities. Comments Bank to get so far failed.

“Adamas-Yuvelirtorg” is a retail operator, “Adamas-Jeweller” is engaged in wholesale trade, the “Golden chain” strategic partner “Adamas”, said the representative of the holding Evgeniya Sazonova.

“Adamas” is negotiating with Sberbank on the restructuring of the debt, she said. “We are working on the restructuring of the portfolio of loans taken at the stage of intensive development, it is a controlled situation, out of which we see and we, and our partners,” assured Sazonov.

Bankrupt “Adamas Jeweler” and the “Adamas-Yuvelirtorg” also tries the Bank “FC Opening”. The Bank filed for bankruptcy this summer, but the company contested the commencement of the works, citing the fact that three months of overdue debt has not expired. In October, the Bank “FC Opening” filed repeated claims.

“Discovery” was trying to bankrupt and asset production “Adamas” – LLC “Capital jewelry factory”, but the court turned him down. October 1 “the Capital jewelry factory” has been introduced observation at the suit of another creditor – Voronezh LLC “Solatol”. This company used to be called LLC “Adamas-classic”, and in June, she was declared bankrupt.

The Bank “Otkrytie” also tried to get the bankruptcy of the “Golden chain”, but the court turned him down and took into production the claim about bankruptcy “the Capital jewelry factory”. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 November.

The General Director of “Adamas-Yuvelirtorg” Arthur Astashin is under investigation, reported the Investigative Committee in mid-October. He is suspected of evasion from payment of taxes on 400 million roubles.