Dominique Fache set up a company for investors seeking opportunities in technology startups

Moscow. October 30. The former head of the Board of Directors of “Enel OGK-5” (now “Enel Russia”) and former Director of the Italian energy company in Russia and the CIS, Dominique Fache, Enel left in 2013, he founded his own company RTF (“the Russian technology Fund”), engaged in search of investors for tech startups, according to data “SPARK-Interfax”.

The information was confirmed by the investor, saying last week at a forum in Moscow, which creates a “new company”.

In conversation with “Interfax” Fache said that in the current situation it became evident that Russia needs to invest in science and technology. According to him, while “technology transfer” in the country can not, and that theme is “painful”. “I don’t want to say rant, but I think it would be very useful for Russia to build (and I open great big quotation marks) “Russian oil”, – said Fache. “We already talked about this, even before the sanctions – and now there is a situation. Need a long time to do it,” he said.

Fache sure RTF will develop as an independent company “with a quality, good quality, brand”.

RTF was registered in August this year in Moscow. The company’s authorized capital amounts to 200 thousand rubles. Fache owns the largest share – 40%. The remaining proportion evenly distributed between the three managing partners – Dmitry Brazhnikova, Eugene Golubchikova and Vadim Kulikov (is also the CEO of the company). As noted in conversation with “Interfax” Vadim Kulikov, Dominique Fache – the initiator of creation of Fund. Now Fache Chairman of the Board of Directors of RTF.

On the website of the company informs that RTF was created “for the purpose of search, selection and implementation of advanced technologies in the energy sector”. As explained by the partner RTF Katerina Brazhnikova, the company finds developers of new breakthrough technologies and accompany them, helping to attract potential investors both in Russia and abroad.

According to her, the main income of rich – long term. “We profit from the growth in the value of companies – our partners, which we provide,” said she. The second source will be the share of sales of new technology products, implement which helps RTF.

Among the clients of RTF such companies as “Runako and Ecoview” with whom the Fund signed agreements on partnership.

Dominique Fache born in 1950 In 1993-2003 he was the regional Director of Schlumberger in Russia and the CIS. In 2007 he was appointed Director of Enel in Russia and CIS countries, from 2008 to 2013, Fache Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Enel OGK-5”. He left the company in June 2013, he explained his departure saying that they wanted “a little rest”. After leaving the Enel D. Fache continued to perform regularly at energy industry conferences.