Kosachev thanked the Red Cross for the objective approach to Russia’s actions in Syria

MOSCOW, October 30. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev considers the correct approach of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) to evaluate developments in the area of military conflicts, because it is based on gathering information first hand and not from the media and questionable sources. This opinion was expressed by the Senator during meetings with the head of the main Directorate of the operational activities of the ICRC Dominique Stillhart.

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Kosachev said that the Russian military operation in Syria meets the “counter-informational”. “In official statements disseminated false information that the military operation of Russia leads to civilian casualties, unrelated to terrorist organizations,” he said, adding that the ICRC takes a very cautious approach to such messages. “I noticed your statement, at least as quoted in the world media that the ICRC staff working in Syria, can not confirm the accusations from the West” – said the MP.

According to the representative of ICRC, the organization bases its estimates on media reports and third parties. “Until we have reliable information from our employees, we can neither confirm nor deny those or other messages,” said Stillhart. However, he stressed that the red cross “no information” about civilian casualties and infrastructure in Syria, which, according to some sources, is applied in the air strikes of the Russian space forces. The ICRC also noted that if employees of the organization report on violations of international humanitarian law, this information is not shared in the media, and discussed with the actual participants of events.

“This is the only possible approach that we can only welcome” – said Kosachev.

According to Steelhard, in Syria there are about 600 employees of the ICRC, which operate completely transparently, in constant interaction with the authorities in Damascus. He noted that the organization’s representatives also coordinate their actions with members of opposition groups, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to move across the country and to assist the inhabitants of those areas that are not controlled by the Central authorities of the Republic.