Media: Russian producers are asked to verify imported vegetables

MOSCOW, 30 Oct. The Union of vegetable producers (STRs) sent in charge of agriculture Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich the letter requesting the Russian authorities to strengthen control on the border and in retail turnover over imported vegetables on the content of residual pesticides and agrochemicals, “Kommersant” writes on Friday, citing a copy of the letter.

Based on the text of the letter, in the winter-spring period, imports of vegetables in Russia reaches 70% of total consumption in the country. The uncontrolled use of pesticides allows foreign manufacturers to reduce the cost, increasing the shelf life of the product, which leads to unfair competition and reduces the profitability of new projects of vegetable cultivation in the Russian Federation, follows from the letter.

The President SPO Sergei Korolev notes that import enterprises, which supply vegetables, do not receive accreditation of the Rosselkhoznadzor, demonstrating the safety of products is not foreseen and planned inspections of such enterprises of the Russian services.

Based on the assessment of the Queen, when carrying out the regulatory inspections of authorities, insists on the Union, exceeded the residual agrochemical and pesticides can show up to 20% for imported tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. Last year the main suppliers of cucumbers, tomatoes and greens to Russia — China, Turkey, Morocco and Iran in the aggregate imported into the country 778 thousand tons of tomatoes and 203 thousand tons of cucumbers.

Herewith, the Rosselkhoznadzor on the border checks for agrochemicals and pesticides less than 10% of such products, said the representative office. Now the Department does not have sufficient authority, therefore, even if crop production is exceeded the detected chemicals, only the data is sent to the CPS, and vegetable party continues to move to Russia. The CPS in turn checks to see specific products and commodities, are presented in retail, in the event of detection of irregularities, the Agency prohibits the importation of these products from the country.