Putin: we need to develop common views on the challenges related to chemical safety

NOVO-Ogaryovo, October 30. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers it necessary to develop common views on the challenges and the threats associated with chemical and radiation safety.

“Serious attention should be paid to the analysis of challenges and security threats in these spheres, – said the head of state at a meeting of the Russian security Council. – Now this work is being done by the Ministry of defense and in several agencies. Need to develop common views on the challenges and threats that will enable a more effective protection of our citizens from them.”

Putin noted that in the modern world there are many man-made threats associated with major infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities. In particular, he recalled the tragedy at the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima” and the fire is not large warehouses in China. The President also mentioned the epidemic fever “Ebola”, resulting in the world killed more than 11 thousand people.

“It is necessary to reliably protect Russia and our citizens from such threats,” Mr Putin said, stressing that it was essential to provide safety on objects of nuclear power, as well as enterprises, stores, produces or uses hazardous radiation, chemical substances. He pointed to the need to minimize the risks of accidents or committing illegal acts in such enterprises.

Individual means of protection of citizens

Vladimir Putin considers it necessary in the near future to inspect the personal protection of citizens and update them. “In the near future to take an inventory of the personal protection of the citizens, to determine which ones are morally and technically outdated, and to develop measures to replenish the reserves of such funds at the expense of modern samples,” – said the head of state.

Putin noted that the development and production of new means of protection should only be on domestic basis. “We have a good technological Foundation,” – said the President.

He also pointed to the need to ensure the implementation of scientific-technical policy in the field of development and exploitation of modern means of protection. “It needs to be focused on effective prevention of all kinds of potential threats,” Putin said.

On the control of the sanitary-epidemiological situation

The Russian President announced the need to minimize the risks of falling into Russian malware infections from abroad.

“It is necessary to minimize the risks of spreading malware infections to prevent them from getting into Russia from abroad, from the territory of neighboring States”, – noted the head of state, indicating that the control over sanitary-epidemiological situation should remain the center of attention.

Putin also demanded to carefully coordinate the work in each area of chemical, nuclear, radiation safety. According to him, this must be done at all levels – from Federal to municipal.

About safe technologies in housing and communal services and construction

The Russian President urged to move to modern and safe technologies in housing and communal services and construction.

“We actively need to switch to safe, eco-friendly technologies in industry, housing and communal services. To implement a rigorous modern standards, to encourage the use of technologies that reduce, and even better – completely eliminate the risks”, – said the head of state. Putin noted that already now it is possible to do without chlorine and other potentially dangerous substances in the housing sector.