The Central Bank has left unchanged the rate of refinancing alternatives

Moscow. October 30. The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia took a decision not to change rates on the specialised refinancing instruments, according to a press release of the regulator. The decision not to change rates under the alternatives, the regulator has adopted in previous meetings in September, July, June, April, March and January.

The Central Bank did not change the rate on the alternatives and in the middle of December 2014, when the key rate was raised sharply.

The interest rate on loans the Central Bank under the pledge of receivables on loans and bonds to Finance investment projects and credit agreements secured by insurance contracts of OJSC “EXIAR”, remained at the level of 9%.

Rate on interbank loans of SME Bank, secured by a pledge of receivables and issued for the purpose of financing small and medium-sized enterprises remained at the level of 6.5% per annum.

The interest rate on Bank of Russia loans secured by mortgage bonds issued under the program “Military mortgage” remained at level of 10,75%.