The fall edition of the basic types in the Russian Federation in September has slowed to 4.3%

Moscow. October 30. The output of goods and services in base kinds of economic activities in Russia in September 2015 decreased compared with September 2014, by 4.3% after falling 5.2% in August to 5.9% in July to 6.1% in June, 6.8% in may to 5.8% in April, 2.8% in March, by 3.1% in February and by 1.1% in January, said Tuesday Rosstat.

In January-September the production decreased by 4.6% compared with the corresponding period of 2014.

The index is calculated on the basis of data on change of physical volume of production of agriculture, industrial production, construction, cargo turnover in the transport, retail and wholesale trade.

In September 2015, was recorded the fall of industrial production in annual terms by 3.7% (for 9 months – a decline of 3.2%).

Retail trade turnover in September in annual terms fell by 10.4% (for 9 months – 8.5%).

Freight in September increased by 0.8% (for 9 months – decrease of 1.1%).

The volume of production of agriculture in September grew by 4.0% (for 9 months – grew by 2.4%).

The amount of work performed by activity “Construction” in September 2015 fell by 9.1% (in 9 months – 8.3%).