The FAS are concerned that “Aeroflot” has received 56 international routes

MOSCOW, October 30. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) the Russian Federation is concerned that “Aeroflot” has received 56 international routes. About it to journalists was declared by the head of Department Igor Artemyev.

“Our position regarding this is a concern,” he said, answering a question about “Aeroflot” received 56 international routes, “Transaero” and now occupies more than 50% share in this direction.

“FAS at this meeting the Federal air transport Agency stated that it opposed the adoption of the decision on the day (on the transfer of routes “Aeroflot” – approx. ed.). He refers to this as the decision that was made hastily and is questionable”, stressed Artemyev.

According to him, this decision was taken on the day after the announcement of shareholders S7 Filewich about the possible purchase of “Transaero”, and FAS was first proposed to deal with this. “We see that then they change the Director General, behave like real customers (shareholders S7 – approx. ed.). It violated antitrust laws by not filing the petition, the debts are not reduced, banks filing for bankruptcy, complete the vinaigrette, and “Aeroflot” receives a very nice piece of the pie,” said the head of FAS.

Artemyev said that he understands that “Aeroflot” has spent a lot, and he needs compensation, i.e. the more-specific routes must have been for him to depart. However, he was surprised that all routes received “Aeroflot”, and how quickly withdrew the air operator certificate for Transaero.

I understand nothing can. It’s a strange bubble with layers, the more it swells, the faster the burst, and splattered all of us

Igor Artemyev

He added that the restoration of transparency in this whole scenario, it will take up to 2 years.

“Two years, the company has saved up debts, didn’t see that regulators are supposed to do, and now there is this bunch of ideas on how to resolve,” said the head of FAS.

The situation with Transaero airlines

As reported previously, “Transaero” has started the cancellation of the flights from the middle of October. All of the passengers transported by other carriers, mainly of “Aeroflot” and S7 and others On 29 October “Aeroflot” has transported 96% of passengers, or 1.85 million people. Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said earlier that, perhaps, “Aeroflot” will compensate for their losses through the international routes on which first flew Transaero.

“Transaero” is deprived of an air operator certificate from the 26th of October, the routes are distributed among other market participants – in particular, “Aeroflot” has received 56 international routes.

Also, “Aeroflot” plans to employ some of the employees of Transaero airlines, said earlier a source in “Aeroflot”, JSC “Aeroflot” it is planned to take 2 thousand 765 people. The airline “Russia” (enters into group “Aeroflot”), according to the interlocutor of the Agency, planned to take 3 thousand 295 employees.