The fine for Google to be minimal in the case of performing the requirements of the FAS

Moscow. October 30. The FAS may set a minimum Google penalty (1% of the volume of the Russian market for preinstalled mobile applications), if an American Corporation will fulfill the requirement of the service and on November 18 will change its agreements with manufacturers of mobile devices for Russia, told journalists the head of FAS Igor Artemyev.

According to him, the office now assesses the market for the calculation of penalty (by law it can vary from 1% to 15% of the annual volume of the market). The penalty may be assessed after November 18.

The FAS has ordered Google to 18 November to correct the violation of the law “On protection of competition” in terms of abuse of a dominant position on the market of pre-installed app stores on devices with mobile operating system Android. In particular, the company must exclude from the agreements with the vendors of anti-competitive regulations that restrict the installation of applications and services to other developers.

Existing users of android devices should be notified of deactivation of preinstalled Google apps, change search engine in Google Chrome, you install a search widget, and also change the location of the icons.

FAS filed a case against Google in February according to the complaint the largest Russian Internet company “Yandex”. The latter believes that the American giant is dictating its terms to the manufacturers of mobile devices based on Android. For example, last year Google banned preset all services “Yandex” on mobile devices Fly, Explay and Prestigio.

“Yandex” after the decision of the FAS started negotiations with handset manufacturers about pre their services, but much will depend on the actions of Google – whether it will fulfill the requirement of the regulator, or he will appeal in court, declared recently the head of the company Alexander Shulgin.

FAS was not the first structure, which had to deal with Google. In 2013, the European Commission has begun to examine the application of Fair Search Alliance (it includes, including Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle) on the dominance of Google in the Android operating system. In April of this year, the regulator opened a formal antitrust investigation into “unfair practice” by Google, the company faces a fine in the amount up to 10% of annual revenue, which last year totaled $66 billion.