The Russian Federation notes the failure of elections in the cities of Ukraine, where the expected good results of the opposition

The Russian Federation notes the failure of elections in the cities of Ukraine, where the expected good results of the opposition

MOSCOW, October 30. Failure of elections in the cities of Ukraine, where the expected good results of the so-called opposition parties, it seems strange. This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich to the Permanent Council of the organization on the issue of Ukrainian elections. The text of his speech posted on the Russian MFA website.

“Experts of the ODIHR, who made up a report, apparently, were not fully aware of the content of “Complex measures”, otherwise they would have taken into account in his report the fact that the people of Donbass did not vote due to the fact that the modalities for the elections in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions is still not agreed upon by the parties in the political subgroup of the contact group and issued in the form of the relevant Ukrainian legislation, – noticed Lukashevich. – Emphasize again: the use by ODIHR non-consensus terminology in his report further undermines the credibility of the Executive structure of the OSCE.”

“In a number of settlements in Luhansk and Donetsk regions under the control of the Central government no elections were held, he continued. Solution of civil-military administrations without the right to vote remained 525 thousand voters. However, this information ODIHR why does a footnote in small print”.

“Disrupted elections in Mariupol, Krasnoarmiisk, Svatovo – listed diplomat. – By a strange coincidence it was the city where the predicted good results of the so-called opposition parties. Not quite clear is the situation with the elections in Odessa”.

“Even the ODIHR observes – although, like, not supposed – fact that the election campaign took place against the backdrop of the growing frustration of the population political system, the continuing economic crisis, the slippage of anti-corruption measures, he said. – This is what primarily determines the complex environment in which elections were held. Obviously, it is not so-called “separatists” prevent Kiev to fight corruption, build the economy, to be engaged in real Affairs, instead of naked populism and forcing anti-Russian hysteria”.

“With regard to allegations of a “reset” of the system of power in Ukraine and its “democratic consolidation”, once we recall that for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, needs the full implementation of “Complex measures”, which provides for the adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine, taking into account the peculiarities of separate regions of Donbass, – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation. – For a complete “reset” of the political system of the country will require a truly inclusive political dialogue involving all regions, the result of which would ensure the interests of all groups of the population”.

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As noted by Lukashevich, Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk in General adhere to the agreement on ceasefire in the Donbass.

“Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk in General adhere to the agreement on ceasefire on Donbass, – he said. – The Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE, the situation is “calm”. This gives hope that the rest of the Minsk agreements will be fulfilled. An alternative implementation for achieving peace and consent in Ukraine does not exist. Welcome the intensification of dialogue between the parties in the contact group and its working subgroups. We note the efforts of the OSCE representatives in these mechanisms”.

This Lukashevich stressed that “we need more efforts, first from Kiev, to prevent incidents on the contact line”.

The diplomat also noted that “it is important to provide conditions for the resumption of shelling of residential areas”. “Expect SMM synthesis report on the purposes for which used heavy weapons during the conflict, and the consequences for the civilian population”, – he noted.

The reports of the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE refutes claims that the ceasefire is violated solely by the militia of Donbass, said Lukashevich

“The reports of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE refutes claims that the ceasefire is violated solely by the militia of Donbass, – said the diplomat. On 25 October the Ukrainian security forces opened fire with small arms from the village of Sands point. On 27 October, an hours-long shelling of the Donetsk airport, including from large-caliber mortars. There are cases that indicate the poor handling of the troops. On October 19, a group of drunk Ukrainian soldiers went to break the defense of the militia in the district of Donetsk airport”.

“You must continue in good faith and promptly execute a Supplement to the package of measures about the withdrawal of tanks, artillery and mortars that still takes place without significant violations,” he said.

Lukashevich stressed that the review by the SMM require the reports in the security zone of the infamous battalion “Aidar”, on the concentration of heavy machinery and artillery of the Ukrainian army in the direction of Donetsk. “We call on the SMM to forget about the analysis of the situation not only in the Donbass but also in the rest of Ukraine. The excesses of the radicals continue, including attacks on members of the Orthodox Church,” stressed the envoy.

“The priority for SMM see in the mirror and dense monitoring of the security zone, including the technical means and the UAVs on both sides of the line of contact. Note preparations for the deployment of advanced bases SMM in Gorlovka and Debaltsevo”, – said Lukashevich.

The diplomat also said that Moscow was surprised by the “rosy assessments” of the Western colleagues elections in Ukraine.

“We also monitored the first round of local elections in Ukraine took note of the report of the ODIHR observation mission, – said Lukashevich. – Surprised that the assessments of the elections made by our colleagues, are served exclusively in rainbow colours, which is clearly not consistent with the content of the report of the observation mission. Some kind of strange selective aberration”.

“Oft-quoted conclusion of the mission that “the elections were well organized” and demonstrated “universal respect for democratic processes”, clearly contrasts with the report’s numerous facts of violations of the OSCE standards, the diplomat stressed. – Only direct links to discrepancy to the international standards found 9 times. If this is the “gold standard” of the ODIHR, it is necessary to state once again that “not all gold that glitters”.

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Ukraine: chronicle of Eurasian split
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“Even judging by the report of ODIHR, the current electoral legislation of Ukraine is very far from perfect, – said the permanent representative. The problem with its implementation was noted in many constituencies. Large claims were for work and the composition of election commissions, which often took decisions for political reasons, and not by law. In several regions removed from elections, political parties. The Communist party of Ukraine in General was banned. Marked extreme degree of dependence of the media from political and business groups.”

“Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are unable to vote at all is not because someone is not physically allowed, and by virtue of the provisions of the legislation which envisages the possibility of voting for IDPs,” added Lukashevich.

According to Lukashevich question about shipping to the Donbass international humanitarian assistance and the work of UN agencies is solved.

“The issue with shipping to the Donbass international humanitarian assistance, with the work of UN agencies. There is a dialogue on mine clearance,” said the diplomat.

However, he noted that the humanitarian situation in the Donbass remains difficult. According to him, the so-called security measures on the contact line “hinder the access of population to social welfare payments, food, medical supplies, basic commodities”. “It is also a source of corruption in the Ukrainian checkpoints,” – said Lukashevich.

“The blockade must be lifted, said the Russian permanent representative. – The opening of the pedestrian checkpoint in the Luhansk region should be followed by further expansion of the freedom of movement of people and goods”.