The Russian foreign Ministry: Russia is in the forefront of works on destruction of chemical weapons in the world

PIC. PEACE /Kirov region/, October 30. /Spec.interviewer TASS/. Russia is in the forefront of works on destruction of chemical weapons on the planet. This was stated by the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov at the closing ceremony of the facility with chemical weapons “Maradykovsky”.

“Today we are present at the ceremony, which marks the step of humankind towards a safer world, – said Ryabkov. – Russia case demonstrates a strong commitment to fulfilling its international obligations”.

A high-ranking diplomat highlighted the work of the Federal management on safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons at the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. “I also want to stress the positive role at all stages of the implementation of our obligations under the Convention, the OPCW has played, he continued. Grateful to foreign partners who financially and politically supported us on this difficult long path”.

“We have not reached the required point of the movement towards a world free of chemical weapons, – noted the Deputy Minister. Russia is at the forefront of this work and together with international partners will continue efforts to make the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons has become a truly universal international instrument that joined the 4 States that have not yet done so, and that all arsenals of chemical weapons were destroyed in those agreed between the parties document the terms”.


December 5, 1997, Russia became a party to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, declared about 40 thousand tons of toxic substances. The chemical weapons stored at seven sites: in Kambarka (Udmurtia), towns Mountain (Saratov region), Leonidovka (Penza oblast), Maradykovsky (Kirov region), Shchuchye (Kurgan region), Pochep (Bryansk region), been (Udmurtia). On March 21, 1996 there was adopted the Federal target program (FTP) “the Destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in the Russian Federation”. In accordance with this document, the destruction of Russian stockpiles of chemical weapons began in December 2002 to Completely destroy its chemical Arsenal of the Russian Federation shall, not later than 2020.