The supervisor considers the system of U.S. presidential elections “a Museum piece”

MOSCOW, October 30. The system of election of President in USA is not like any electoral system in the world and is “a Museum piece”, says the Chairman of the CEC of Russia Vladimir Churov.

“The presidential election system, and no different from all the electoral systems of the world. But midterm elections for Congress and local elections in the U.S. similar to the European models, Asian models and much closer on the issue, in its forms to the Russian elections,” he said at a parliamentary hearing on the international observation of elections in Council of Federation.

According to Churov, the mid-term elections, “when you choose local authorities, part of the Congress and Senate” that “much closer to so-called standards for democratic elections than presidential elections, which are more Museum piece than a real election.”

Churov said that the CEC is conducting remote monitoring of U.S. elections, both presidential and parliamentary.